Dog Owner Gift Ideas
Dog Owner Gift Ideas

There is nothing more blind than love for your dog.  So a great gift idea for dog owners is anything
(and we mean anything!) related to their loved one.  Below are some dog owner gift ideas.
Bright Gift Ideas
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Dog Owner Gift
Why we like it:
Westie dog illustration by Kim Niles as
seen in the Westie The Dog childrens
book.  There are millions more dog
t-shirts and sweaters available.
Price: $25.99
Sitting Westie Baseball Jersey
Why we like it:
Canvas On Demand transforms your
pictures, digital photos and pet portraits
into beautiful giclee style canvas prints.
There are many options available. A
perfect gift for a dog owner.
Price: from $59
Photo on Canvas
Canvas on Demand
Use code LS226 to get $20 off a $200 order.
Westie Baseball Shirt
Why we like it:
Let your favorite four-legged friend
welcome family and friends with this
carpet mat! Choose carpet color, binding
color, embroidery color, text style, and
choose from 81 breeds!
Price: $49.95
Dog Breed Carpet Mat
Why we like it:
This stylish tote bag features corded
handles with your favorite breed's image on
both sides. This authentic jacquard woven
tote bag represents a heritage of excellence
and American pride. Other breeds available.
Price: $29.99
Bichon Frise Tote Bag
Bichon frise Tote Bag
Dog Breed Mat
Why we like it:
For tasteful treats, for people or pets!
Crafted of beautiful, white porcelain with
handsome black and white artwork depicting
your favorite breed across the front. Choose
from over 114 dog breeds!
Price: $39.95
Dog Breed Cookie Jar
Why we like it:
Give your pets the fresh air and sunshine
that they crave in the safety of this
enclosed stroller. Includes two cup
holders, a food tray, three pockets and a
flashing light for visibility at night.
Price: $84.97
Pet Stroller
Dog Breed Cookie Jar
Pet Stroller
Why we like it:
This is a great way to show the world how
much they love their cuddly canine.  This
tan, adjustable Dachshund Embroidered
Cap is the perfect gift for a dog owner.
Price: $14.99
Dachshund Embroidered Cap
Why we like it:
Help to stop your dog from barking with
Bark Free, which uses ultrasonic
frequencies or lower sound tones audible
to human ears to correct and respond to
chronic barking.
Price: $36.88
Bark Free Indoor Training Device
Why we like it:
This smart, efficient vacuum helps pet
owners maintain cleaner floors. The Easy
Clean Brush System picks up pet hair,
dander, cat litter and more. Automatically
docks and recharges between cleanings.
Price: $299.99
Pet Roomba
Why we like it:
Upload a photo, specify the scene and a
real artist will produce a hand drawn
caricature.  Have the dog playing cards or
chasing a mailman! A gift any dog owner
would treasure.
Price: $52.95
Pet Caricature
Dachshund Embroidered Cap
Pet Caricature
Pet Roomba
Bark-Free Training Device
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Dog Gift Ideas
Dog Owner Gift Ideas
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