Dog Gift Ideas
Dog Gift Ideas

More households in the US have a dog than any other pet.  Therefore it's important to make sure this
valued member of the family is remembered when it comes to gifts.  Below are some dog gift ideas
that should bring a meaty grin to their faces.
Bright Gift Ideas
Dog Gift Ideas
Why we like it:
A great idea for a dog gift. It gives them
a sense of identity. Or, you could view
this as sub-titles for the hard of hearing.  
Lots more doggie t-shirts available.
Price: $16
Woof Dog T-shirt
Why we like it:
This Collar & Leash Set features woven
ribbons sewn onto sturdy nylon webbing.
The collar is adjustable to fit any Golden
Retriever and includes a quick release
fastener. Many other breeds available.
Price: $29.99
Golden Retriever Collar & Leash Set
Why we like it:
Include your lab in the gift-giving
festivities!  Something to put that dog gift
in! Many other breeds available.
Price: $19.99
Labrador Christmas Stocking
Why we like it:
Love your dog? But not that doggie
smell? Now you can brush away pet odors
in minutes!  And they love it!  Good for
cats too!
Price: $39.95
Ionic Bath Pet Brush
Why we like it:
A classic gift for a dog. This bed is
comfortable and versatile enough to
accommodate almost any size dog.
High-memory fiber in the cushion ensures
long-lasting spring and form.
Price: $79.95-$179.95
Pet Donut Bed
Why we like it:
This dog gift holds them securely in place.
Seat fastens to the car rear seat with its seat
belt, and pet harness fastens to seat belt.
Covered tray holds treats, leashes and
water.  Can be monogrammed.
Price: Small $99.95, Large $149.95
Monogrammed Dog Car Seat
Why we like it:
Fine dining for Fido or Fluffy!  Give your
favorite companion this Pet Meal Carpet
Mat they will be sure to love! Name up to
20 characters with choice of font and color.
Price: $29.95-$39.95
Pet Meal Carpet and Bowls
Why we like it:
The dog gift that keeps giving! This pet
feeder maintains healthy feeding schedule
anytime. Keep any size pet fit, trim and
properly nourished when you’re away from
Price: $109.95-129.95
Electronic Pet Feeder
Why we like it:
An ultra-quiet, purifying pet fountain for
large dogs, the Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet
Fountain provides naturally cool,
oxygenated water for four-legged friends
to enjoy and splash around in anytime.
Price: $32.76
Pet Fountain
Woof Dog T-shirt
Labrador Christmas Stocking
Monogrammed Dog Car Seat
Dog Donut Bed
Pet Meal Carpet and Bowls
Pet Fountain
Ionic Pet Brush
Collar and Leash Set
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Dog Gift Ideas
Dog Gift Ideas
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Why we like it:
Just like humans, dogs benefit from eye
protection. Make sure they look stylish in
these fashion forward sunglasses have pink
lenses with a tiny gem-studded heart shape
on the left lens.
Price: $16.99
Doggles® K9 Optix™ Sunglasses for Dogs
Doggles - Sunglasses for Dogs
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