Cat Owner Gift Ideas
Cat Owner Gift Ideas

Pity the harried, bullied and pitiful cat owner.  Not only do they have to serve to every wish of their pet,
but the pet actually thinks they own THEM!  Here are some cat owner gift ideas to cheer them up.
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Cat Owner Gift Ideas
Why we like it:
Proudly owned by a rescued cat -- a great
gift idea for cat owners, animal rescuers
and supporters. Woman's T-shirt shown.
There are lots more designs and gifts
Price: $17.99
"Proudly Owned by a Rescued Cat"
Why we like it:
Canvas On Demand transforms your
pictures, digital photos and pet portraits
into beautiful giclee style canvas prints.
There are many options available. A
perfect gift idea for a cat owner.
Price: from $59
Photo on Canvas
Use code LS226 to get $20 off a $200 order.
Why we like it:
Do your favorite beverage justice with
snapshots of your faithful companion.  
Your guests will be entertained - even
when their drink is in their hand! Just
upload a photo and order!
Price: $24.95
Photo Coaster Set
Photo Coaster Set
Why we like it:
Perfect for the kitten lover, this clock will
bring a smile to their faces.  Plus the cat's
tail moves!
Price: $75
Purr-Fect Times Cat Art Decorative Wall Clock
Cat Wall Clock
Why we like it:
This is a beautiful collectible from Swarovski.
Fully faceted clear crystal cat with unfaceted
clear crystal legs and tail; eyes in Moroda
Sahara crystal.
Price: $145
Swarovski Mother Cat
Why we like it:
Give your pets the fresh air and sunshine
that they crave in the safety of this
enclosed stroller. Includes two cup
holders, a food tray, three pockets and a
flashing light for visibility at night.
Price: $84.97
Pet Stroller
Pet Stroller
Why we like it:
What's cuter than a kitten? A kitten in a
silly knitted hat of course! It will bring a
smile to their face every month!  
Hundreds more cat calendars available.
Price: $12.99
Cats in Hats Calendar
Why we like it:
The thing about this book is that it gives
both the cat AND the cat owner a score!
Compare youself to your pussy. They
already think they're better than you
Price: $11
The Cat I.Q. Test
Cat I.Q. Test
Why we like it:
This smart, efficient vacuum helps pet
owners maintain cleaner floors. The Easy
Clean Brush System picks up pet hair,
dander, cat litter and more. Automatically
docks and recharges between cleanings.
Price: $299.99
Pet Roomba
Why we like it:
Upload a photo, specify the scene and a
real artist will produce a hand drawn
caricature.  Have the cat playing cards or
chasing a mailman! A gift any cat owner
would treasure.
Price: $52.95
Pet Caricature
Pet Caricature
Pet Roomba
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Cat Owner Gift Ideas
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