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Cat Gift Ideas

Whilst more households in the US have a dog than any other pet, there are actually more pet cats than
dogs.  Meaning there are even more gift ideas needed!  Below are some cat gift ideas they should
Cat Gift Ideas
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Why we like it:
Your cat will not be without this Holiday
season with this Meow Woven Pet
Stocking, there will be plenty of room for
Santa to leave his treats! Can be
Price: $22.95
Cat Christmas Stocking
Why we like it:
Fine dining for Fido or Fluffy!  Give your
favorite companion this Pet Meal Carpet
Mat they will be sure to love! Name up to
20 characters with choice of font and color.
Price: $29.95-$39.95
Pet Meal Carpet and Bowls
Pet Meal Carpet and Bowls
Cat Christmas Stocking
Why we like it:
Nothing says "pampered" like a luxury
bed for your cat.  Brass-look bed and
foam mattress. Not over the top at all.....
Price: $44.98
Luxury Pet Bed
Why we like it:
This is a great idea for a cat gift. One of the
top reviewed cat toys. Make the tunnel even
longer and more intriguing by attaching a
total of three Expandable Cat Tunnels using
the Expandable Cross Road Habicat.
Price: $22.99
Cat Tunnel
Luxury Pet Bed
Cat Tunnel
Why we like it:
The Half Moon Multi Tier Tower offers your
cat the option to scratch, climb, play or
just curl up for a well-deserved nap.
Price: $129.99
Half Moon Multi Tier Tower
Why we like it:
This is almost like a spa gift for a cat.
The idea is that they really enjoy the
brushing while any smell is neutralized by
the ions.
Price: $39.95
Ionic Bath Pet Brush
Ionic Pet Brush
Half Moon Multi Tier Tower
Why we like it:
Three toys in one! This gift will keep your
cat entertained for hours. Electronic arm
simulates unpredictable movements that
cats can't resist with various wand
Price: $29.99
Kitty-Go-Crazy Interactive Toy
Why we like it:
The cat gift that keeps giving! This pet
feeder maintains healthy feeding schedule
anytime. Keep any size pet fit, trim and
properly nourished when you’re away from
Price: $109.95-129.95
Electronic Pet Feeder
Why we like it:
An ultra-quiet, purifying pet fountain for
cats or small dogs, the Deluxe Fresh Flow
Pet Fountain provides naturally cool,
oxygenated water for four-legged friends
to enjoy and splash around in anytime.
Price: $32.76
Pet Fountain
Pet Fountain
Pet Feeder
Kitty Go Crazy Interactive Toy
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