Mothers Day

There are all different types of Mothers.  And they all have
different habits, tastes, hobbies etc.  The gifts below are a
suggestion for your Mother, the Mother of your children, a
single Mom you know....

But whatever type of Mother you are buying for, don't forget
the cardinal rule -

Bright Gift Ideas
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Gardener's Essential Toolkit
This kit makes for a well-tended
garden. Includes a cultivator,
narrow weeder, trowel, planter,
dibble, and fork. Two rustproof,
aluminum/brass spray nozzles:
2-way shower/mister, and 3-way
adjustable spray nozzle. 6-piece
hose connector set with a Y
connector. 3-piece pruning set
with rust-resistant blades.
Price: $100
Gardener's Essential Toolkit
Why we like it:
With a wide range of tools this
makes an excellent gift for the
dedicated gardener.
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