Mothers Day

There are all different types of Mothers.  And they all have different habits, tastes, hobbies etc.
 The gifts below are a suggestion for your Mother, the Mother of your children, a single Mom
you know....

But whatever type of Mother you are buying for, don't forget the cardinal rule -

Bright Gift Ideas
Thomas Kinkade Cuckoo Clock
Fill each hour with charming
beauty and a cheerful song with
this Thomas Kinkade cuckoo
clock! This extraordinary Old
World style timepiece is graced by
two of Mr. Kinkade's most
highly-sought visions - the
traditional maple-finished wood
cabinet showcases "A New Day
Dawning," while "Everett's
Cottage" enhances the clock face.
Price: $119.85 installments available
Why we like it:
Thomas Kinkade is a very
popular artist and combining
his work and a cuckoo clock
makes this gift that bit
Thomas Kinkade Cuckoo Clock
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The Fun Books for Moms
In addition to Mother's Day, there
are more than four million births
each year. The Fun Book for
Moms is tailored especially to
commemorate such occasions.
Ideas range from fun and free to
indulgent and lavish and are
accompanied by whimsical
artwork, quotes, and recipes
certain to captivate Mom's eye
and entertain her spirit.
Price: $10.36
Why we like it:
"The real menace in dealing
with a five-year-old is that in
no time at all you begin to
sound like a five-year-old."
-Jean Kerr.

Enough said.
The Fun Books for Moms
Safe Haven Bird Feeder
Developed with the British Trust
for Ornithology, this feeder's
epoxy-coated steel globe lets
birds perch safely inside and
keeps squirrels and predators
out. Rugged design assures a
long life of year-round service
Price: $58
Why we like it:
A long-lasting gift that looks
great in the garden.  Don't put
it above anything valuable
Safe Haven Bird Feeder
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Shiatsu Massage Bed Rest with LED Reading Light
Inside this comfortable,
supportive backrest are actual
Shiatsu-style kneading massage
nodes that ease muscle tension
up and down her spine as she
relaxes, reads in bed or watches
TV. Features soft faux-suede
upholstery, a built-in LED reading
light, a cup holder and a large
side pocket.
Price: $99.95
Shiatsu Massage Bed Rest with LED Reading Light
Why we like it:
This makes sitting in bed much
more comfortable, plus the
built-in massage will relax her
cares away.
Leatherman P4 Squirt Multitool Knife
The first miniature pliers
multi-tool tough enough to be a
Leatherman. Attach the
spring-action Squirt P4 to your
key ring or backpack. With three
screwdrivers, wire cutters, a knife
blade and more, the P4 keeps
your on-the-go life going.
Price: from $29.99
Why we like it:
Not every Mother wants flowers,
jewelry etc.  Don't be afraid to
get her something practical!
(As long as it's pink and has a
nail file...)
Leatherman Multitool Knofe
Heat-sensitive Foam Sleep Mask
This sensuous sleep mask is
covered by luxuriously soft velvet
on both sides.

Its contoured shape is designed
to completely block out ambient
light without touching your eyes or
your lashes.
Price: $19.95
Heat-sensitive Foam Sleep Mask
Why we like it:
Great for blocking out the world
and taking some alone time.  
Also works well on airplanes.
Picaboo Photo Book
With Picaboo, anyone with digital
photos can create beautiful photo
books in seconds. Unlike
photofinishing websites, Picaboo
does not force you spend hours
uploading photos before you
create a book. Rather, with
Picaboo installed, you can make
a complete, ready-to-order book
in seconds.
Price: from $9.99
Why we like it:
Get a printed, bound photo
book, customized for you, with
hardly any work!  Multiple
options - from soft cover to
leather.  Create an album with
the kids, grandkids, old
wedding photos etc.