Mothers Day

There are all different types of Mothers.  And they all have
different habits, tastes, hobbies etc.  The gifts below are a
suggestion for your Mother, the Mother of your children, a
single Mom you know....

But whatever type of Mother you are buying for, don't forget
the cardinal rule -

NAP Cuddle Blanket
Just wrap your entire body in this
snuggly, plush blanket as you
rest your tired eyes—perfect for
cuddling on the couch or taking a
cozy nap.  The moment you touch
the NapSoft™ material, a calming
sensation sweeps over you,
preparing your mind and body for
a peaceful nap.
Price: $45
NAP Cuddle Blanket
Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and Tarnish Remover
For at-home professional cleaning
of jewelry, just add water with a
few drops of the Gem & Jewelry
Concentrate. Solid-state
electronics creates millions of
microscopic cleansing bubbles
that go into places not reachable
by hand or brush.
Price: $99.95
Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and Tarnish Remover
Bright Gift Ideas
Why we like it:
These really are comfortable
blankets and they have a wide
range of accessories such as
pillows, slippers etc.
Why we like it:
This really does keep jewelry
looking like new.  (Meaning
you won;t have to buy her as
Dear Mom Heart Clock
Share your heart and time with
your Mom this year in a creative
and sentimental way with the
Dear Mom Heart Clock. The
beautiful, heart-shaped clock is
quality constructed from clear,
glistening lucite, measuring a full
inch in thickness! It is then
personalized by engraving your
choice of 9 verses or you write
your own personal message.
Price: $32.95
Why we like it:
An ornament is a traditional
gift but what makes this extra
special is the fact you can write
your own message or poem.
Dear Mom Heart Clock
5-day Wireless Weather Forecaster
This wireless weather station keep
you up to date with real-time
reports received via radio signals
from AccuWeather. It
automatically recognizes your
location!  No wiring, computer, or
television required! Order one of
these wireless home weather
stations today & always be able to
plan ahead.
Price: $85
Why we like it:
This is an improvement on
other forecasters because you
don't have to fiddle around
setting something up outside
and it's an real forecast. Plus it
sticks to the refrigerator!
5-Day Wireless Weather Forecaster
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Panini Press
Create a café right in your own
kitchen with this Panini Press
Sandwich Maker from Hamilton
Beach. Beyond making your
favorite panini sandwiches and
desserts, you can cook bruschetta
or pizza by locking up the top lid.
Has nonstick grids for no muss,
no fuss cooking.
Price: $39.99
Why we like it:
Kitchen appliances are, as a
rule, a bit dicey as gifts.  
However, this one is a bit
different from the norm and
makes great panini!
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Sage Roomba
The perfect choice for a complete
entry-level vacuuming robot.
Standard features include Dirt
Detect, Stair Avoidance System,
Surface Transitioning, and
Bagless Debris Bin.  Additional
features: triple cleaning mode,
Advance Power Supply (APS)
Battery, fast charging and 2
virtual wall units.
Price: $199.99
Why we like it:
It doesn't keep the whole
house clean but it is great for
specific rooms/areas that
aren't cleaned often or need to
be kept particularly clean.  
There are more advanced
models plus models to clean
hard wood/tile.
Sage Roomba
Mother's Day Banner 120x240
The world's first kitchen garden
appliance. Grows fresh, delicious
herbs, tomatoes, salad greens
and more. No dirt, no mess, no
green thumb needed. Each unit
contains "plug'n grow" seed pots,
built in glow lights, aeroponic
optimizing chamber and
computerized smart garden
Why we like it:
This is really easy to use and
you get marvellous results for
little effort.  Great for
apartments, or for people who
aren't into tending a big
Price: $149.95