Whether it be High School, College, Graduate School or even
Bartender Academy, graduation is a key landmark in our lives.

It deserves to be recognised with a gift that recognises the hard
work that led to their success.

We have tried to identify gifts that will be treasured down the years,
just as their graduation will be.
Shiatsu Massage Bed Rest with LED Reading Light
Inside this comfortable,
supportive backrest are actual
Shiatsu-style kneading massage
nodes that ease muscle tension
up and down the spine as you
relax, read in bed or watch TV.
Features soft faux-suede
upholstery, a built-in LED reading
light, a cup holder and a large
side pocket.
Why we like it:
Perfect for those long nights
studying, this bed rest will
keep them refreshed, ready to
burn the midnight oil. And it's
great for watching college
football games!
Price: $79.95
Shiatsu Massage Bed Rest with LED Reading Light
The perfect gift...
Need inspiration?  
We have the solution!
Bright Gift Ideas
Personalized Leather Portfolio
On a conference table or carried
into a meeting, this fine, tan
genuine leather portfolio makes
an impressive statement,
especially with their full name
artfully engraved across the front.
Complete with paper pad, flap
pockets, business card pocket,
extra storage pocket and pen
Why we like it:
A nice gift for them to use in
their first job.  And at least it'll
have their name on if they lose
Price: $52.95
Personalized Leather Portfolio gift certificate
Redeemable for millions of items
- the ideal gift. Customizable with
a personal message. Sent
electronically via e-mail or with an
e-card, or on paper through the
Price: $5-$5,000
Why we like it:
Let's face it - you wouldn't be
here if you wanted to give a
gift certificate. However, if you
are really stuck, sending a
certificate with a suggestion of
what to buy shows you have
thought about it. And then they
can get what they want!
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Congrats Bouquet
With their showy color and
graceful posture, purple lisianthus
blossoms garner abundant
admiration. This makes them an
especially fitting gesture of
congratulations for someone who
has graduated.
Why we like it:
A lovely gift and the bronze
earthenware vase makes it
that much more special.
Price: $55
Congrats Bouquet
Graduation - Be Good to your Grad.
Apple 30GB Video iPod
Now that you can buy movies from
the iTunes Store and sync them to
your iPod, the whole world is your
theater. With the Apple 30 GB iPod
with Video Playback in hand, those
movies fit comfortably next to TV
shows, new iPod games, podcasts,
audiobooks, photo albums, and, of
course, an entire library of
music--up to 7500 songs.
Why we like it:
Now they can carry their whole
CD collection around in their
pocket plus movies, TV shows
etc. Plus it has a host of
accessories so you'll have gift
ideas for years!
Price: $224.99 USA, LLC