Whether it be High School, College, Graduate School or even
Bartender Academy, graduation is a key landmark in our lives.

It deserves to be recognised with a gift that recognises the hard
work that led to their success.

We have tried to identify gifts that will be treasured down the years,
just as their graduation will be.
Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen Cookbook
For all kitchen-phobes and
cooking illiterates whose pizza
bills are higher than their rent,
the mom-son duo of Kevin Mills
and Nancy Mills make "cooking as
simple as PBJ with the crusts cut
off ", dispensing useful cooking
tips and laughs in equal measure.
Why we like it:
Cooking for oneself can be one
of the greatest challenges
when you move away.  This
very humorous book gives over
100 recipes - most graded
"very easy".
Price: $11.96
The perfect gift...
Need inspiration?  
We have the solution!
Bright Gift Ideas
Clock Radio & Docking Station for Apple iPod
Let them wake up to their favorite
MP3's with this clock radio that
features a docking station for an
iPod. Six built-in nature sounds
soothe them to sleep. Time
projects in soothing blue light.
Dual alarm with snooze function
allows 2 separate wake times.
Nap function and auto off timer.
Why we like it:
A very versatile gift that will be
by their bed, reminding them
of you (whether they like it or
Price: $79.99
Clock Radio & Docking Station for Apple iPod
Pure eMotion 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame
They will enjoy this versatile and
attractive 7-inch photo frame with
a 480x234 high-resolution,
anti-glare active TFT color LCD
screen in 16:9 aspect ratio. The
built-in card slot reads a wide
range of media types.  Features
automatic slide show (with
adjustable timer); zoom in/out;
delete; rotate; and repeat.
Price: $79.95
Pure eMotion 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame
Help! My Apartment has a Kitchen
Why we like it:
If you pre-load with pictures of
family and friends it will be a
perfect gift for someone who is
leaving the nest.
468x60 Personalized Gifts
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Reference Set
Gain access to word information in
print and electronic formats.
Attractive slipcase houses: fully
revised Merriam-Websters
Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh
Edition, Merriam-Websters
Collegiate Thesaurus, and
Merriam-Websters Collegiate
Dictionary and Thesaurus,
Electronic Edition. CD-ROM is
Win/Mac compatible.
Price: $32.97
Why we like it:
A bit nerdy but it'll be very
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Reference Set
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Class of 2007 Penguin T-shirt
As well as the featured T-shirt,
CafePress has a huge range of
graduation items - t-shirts, mugs,
underwear etc.  Or you can upload
a picture and design your own
item.  Either way you will be able
to find a gift they will remember!
Price: $21.99 for T-shirt shown
Why we like it:
You can either chose from the
1 million plus products or you
can design your own!
Class of 2007
Foldable Multiport Solar Charger
Keep your cell phone running,
your GPS tracking, and your
digital camera ready to go by
recharging them through this
foldable solar panel. Plug your
device directly into the USB port
or 6-volt/12-volt outlet, or use
the included battery-charging unit
and keep nearly any device at full
power. It takes about 2-4 hours
depending on how sunny it is.
Price: $129.95
Why we like it:
Charges your cell phone,
camera, GPS, iPod, batteries
etc. etc.  Great for the outdoor
student, or the one that
forgets to pay the utility bill...
Multiport Solar Charger
Mother's Day 468x60
Samsung 26" LCD HDTV
This high-definition model
features a tuner that can receive
conventional channels and the
new digital channels including
over-the-air HDTV broadcasts,
where available, and unscrambled
digital cable channels. A variety of
video and audio connections
make it simple to connect DVD
players, other entertainment
gear, and even your computer.
Price: $687.54
Why we like it:
You know they aren't going to
be studying all the time and
this is a great gift to reward all
that hard work.  You can watch
from nearly anywhere in the
room and it's the just the right
size for bedrooms.
Graduation - Be Good to your Grad.
Nintendo Wii with Sports Bundle
Nintendo's Wii video game
system is designed to attract
people, regardless of their age or
video game experience, to sit
down and play together--whether
they're in the same room or on
different sides of the globe. The
system's name reflects this
simple idea.
Price: from $375
Why we like it:
Plus, it's way cool.  They
deserve to be rewarded!
120x90 Personalized Gifts
Samsung LCD TV