Whether it be High School, College, Graduate School or even
Bartender Academy, graduation is a key landmark in our lives.

It deserves to be recognised with a gift that recognises the hard
work that led to their success.

We have tried to identify gifts that will be treasured down the years,
just as their graduation will be.
Digital Camera
Blur-free photos and movies are
a snap with the Casio credit-card
size digital camera. This super
slim camera features a Movie
Stabilizer and Anti-Shake DSP.
Features 8.1MP of resolution,
8.3MB memory, 3x optical, 4x
digital zoom, a 2.6-inch TFT LCD
monitor. Takes up to 300 photos
on one battery charge.
Why we like it:
Cameras are a great way to
keep memories forever, and
this camera is packed full of
features; but more
importantly, it looks really cool!
Price: $238.54
Custom Laundry Bag
Whites and brights never looked
better than in this "Loads of Fun"
Custom Laundry Bag! Choose
from 4 custom designs created
just for them! Each whimsical
design is then custom printed with
the name of the laundry
Why we like it:
Whilst they may not use it
enough, this laundry bag will
remind them you are thinking
of them, or that they really
need to go to the laundromat.
Price: $22.95
The perfect gift...
Need inspiration?  
We have the solution!
Bright Gift Ideas
One Share of Disney Stock
One share of real Disney stock
registered to anyone you choose
in less than three minutes!
This Disney Stock Certificate
features Walt Disney himself,
surrounded by characters from his
famous imagination. This is one
of the most colorful stock
certificates ever created - the
perfect Disney Collectible gift for
anyone who is young at heart!
Why we like it:
An inspirational gift - shows
what they can achieve if they
work hard enough.  There are
many different companies
Price: $123 (varies by stock)
Toaster Oven, Griddle and Coffee Maker
Prepare pancakes or sizzle some
eggs and sausages on the
fast-heating griddle. Warm
bagels, cook toast, or even heat
small frozen foods in the toaster
oven. The 15-minute timer lets
you multitask, and the one-slice
capacity fits a variety of breakfast
foods. Brew up to 4 cups of your
favorite java in the integrated
Why we like it:
Wow! A three-fer! At least your
little munchkin will have
something to cook
they just need to get food!
Price: $34.99
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The standard vacuuming robot
cleans hardwood floors and
carpets at the touch of a button.
The robot cleans under furniture
and other hard-to-reach places
and has built-in sensors to keep
it from falling down stairs.
Price: $169.99
Why we like it:
Do you trust them to keep
their room clean when they've
moved out? There are more
advanced models, plus models
for cleaning hard wood/tile.
The pomp and circumstance
shouldn't have to end with the
chancellor's handshake. Let them
showcase the fruits of all those
essays, exams and all-nighters
for many years to come. Our
distinguished shadowbox frame
includes a removable
cream-colored mat for
professional display of their
prized diploma or certificate.
Mother's Day 468x60
Diploma Frame
Why we like it:
No point getting a diploma if
you don't show it off!
Price: $28
Diploma Frame USA, LLC
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Inspirational yet honest, and
always rhythmically rollicking, Oh,
the Places You'll Go! is a perfect
sendoff for children, 1 to 100,
entering any new phase of their
lives. Kindergartners, graduate
students, newlyweds, newly
employeds--all will glean shiny
pearls of wisdom about the big,
bountiful future.
Why we like it:
A classic book and a classic
Price: $10.71
Oh the Places You'll Go!
Graduation Caricature Print
custom designed graduation
caricature prints your friends and
family will envy. Each caricature is
an original creation, hand drawn
by a talented artist. The piece is
then digitally scanned and framed
in handsome black wood. You
send a photo and a description of
the scene you want.
Why we like it:
Very personal.  Will be
treasured for years.
Price: $52.95
Graduation Caricature Prints