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Product Review: Personal Candy Wrappers

Personalized candy wrappers can be used for many different types of occations and even business promotion. Lori's Candy Wrapper Creations is one that offers beauitiful wrappers and excellent customer service. I can't stress enough how pleased I was with the communication between myself and Lori, the owner of Lori's Candy Wrapper Creations. Lori made sure the graphics and wording was perfect on the wrappers before ever sending them. It only took 2 proofs to get them ready for printing. The wrappers arrived less than a week after I started talking with Lori. They were neatly stacked and held down to a small piece of cardboard with a rubber band, to ensure they would not bend or be damaged in shipping. Instructions came with the wrappers as well, and were very detailed. I was able to put even the first wrapper on myself without a mistake. The design of the candy wrappers made specially for Mom's Market was very cute. The background was in a soft pink with white dots, and the graphics used were very fitting to Mom's Market. The first graphics she suggested were right on, and used in the final draft. The front says "Mom's Market", with the back saying "Family Friendly Shopping Directory & Product Reviews" along with our website address. The font used for the back was not plain, yet still very easy to read. Aside from business promotion, candy wrappers can be used for many different events. Some events include: - Anniversary - Birthday - Baby Shower - Weddings - Bridal Shower - Holidays - Graduation - Fund-raising Events - Birth Announcements While I requested miniatures candy wrappers, full size wrappers are also available. In addition to candy wrappers, Lori also offers a line of birthday invitations, thank you notes, pregnancy announcements, and other gifts. You can visit Lori's Candy Wrapper Creations at: http://www.loris-candy-wrapper-creations.com/

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