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Gift Ideas for Men: Birthday Gift Ideas

Unique Presents for Men (...especially on their birthday!) Many women find it hard to find unique birthday gifts for their men. But, if you know just a little bit about that man you can find several unique and unforgettable gifts. If your man goes to the office every day or spends many hours at his desk he might enjoy having his own weather station sitting on his desk. You can find weather stations that are really unique. Most come with a thermometer and clock, usually they are silver in color. This makes the weather station manlier. It has an electronic barometer which will let your man know the weather for six hours to come. And the thermometer will let him know the exact temperature not to mention the clock so he is never late for dinner or a date. Some of these weather stations even have a calendar, this way he won’t forget your birthday. This type of unique gift would be a great birthday present that your man would love adorning his desk. The man of your life may not be too thrilled about his upcoming birthday. He may feel that he has not done anything worthwhile to leave an imprint in the world. A way for his name to live on after he leaves this world. One unique birthday gift for this man would be to have a star named after him. You can have the star named with him full name like“John Henry Doe”, or his nickname “King Pin John”, or some secret pet name that only you know. You can have the star registered on his birthday so the certificate will have his date of birth on the framed certificate. He will even have a coordinates of where his own unique birthday star is located in the heavens. A book is included with this unique gift that will give plenty of tips on how to find different constellations and a star chart that will help him find the exact location on his own part of the universe. All of these items come in a handsome silver and grey gift box. His star will be registered and copyrighted with the listings of all the new star names and their telescopic coordinates. Your birthday man will now go down in history among the stars in the universe. What could be a more unique birthday gift than that? Does your birthday man sing in the shower or does he just enjoy listening to music? Give him a unique birthday gift that will let him do both. There are now shower radios that are not only great for listening to your favorite radio station, but come in many stylish varieties. The shower radio that is getting the most ravings as being the best on the market today is the Lotus. This unique designed gift would be perfect for any man’s birthday. The shower radio attaches to the tile of your shower with a large suction cup that will ensure that it will not fall or slide while showering. He will enjoy this unique gift so much he may stay in the shower until he runs out of hot water. Is your birthday man always looking for a pen? If he can not keep track of his pens get him a unique space pen. These space pens were designed for astronauts for their dependability. These unique pens can write upside down, in freezing weather, or in the heat of the desert, and they can even write underwater. Your man will not need another pen or search for one after he receives this space pen for his birthday gift. This unique pen was invented in 1965 and went through many tests before NASA decided to use it. It is pressurized and will write where there is no gravity, in temperatures that are -34C and in temperatures of +134. This unique gift has a shelf life of 100 years. This unique birthday gift is a gift that any man would cherish for his entire life. The need for another pen will never arise. You can find many different unique birthday gifts here.. Use your imagination and little things you know about your man. You will be able to surprise him with the most perfect unique birthday gift on the market today.

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