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Did you know that you can get wedding Insurance? There are companies that will cover your losses, if a major catastrophe should occur. A wedding can cost more than a new car. You insure your car, why not your wedding? If a hurricane prevents your groom from flying in for the wedding, or the caterer goes out of business, and any number of other nightmarish events occur, you can recover the money you have paid out. What is Wedding Insurance? Insuring your wedding is just like insuring your car, home or business. If the Reception hall burns to the ground the night before the wedding, insurance may help you to recover all of the money you have spent. What is Covered? Insurance covers a number of things important to having the wedding of your dreams, such as weather, the key people, gowns, rings, gifts and any number of other items. Here are some things and situations that may be covered. Cancellation costs - Any unforeseen event that forces you to cancel the wedding. A tornado destroys the church, or the photographer doesnĄ¯t show the bridal salon closes down before your dress is finished, all are situations, which can be covered by wedding insurance for having the wedding on another day, and for such expenses as flowers, the cake and invitations. Vendors If vendors like the caterer donĄ¯t show up on the big day, insurance will cover the cost of changing the wedding date. Illness or Injury You may be covered if the bride, groom, or anyone essential to the wedding is ill or injured and can not attend. Wedding pictures and videos may be covered if your film is ruined or the photographer never arrives you may be reimbursed if you find another photographer or reschedule the wedding. Clothes If the Tuxedo or wedding gown are inadvertently damaged beyond repair before the wedding, you can get replacements and your insurance will pay. Gifts If any of your gifts are damaged or stolen you maybe covered,. Check your policy carefully. There may be a limit for making a claim, such as 7 days after the wedding. Special Jewelry If your wedding rings are lost, damaged or stolen most companies will cover the insured values of the rings Military Deployment if either the bride or groom are in the military and are on leave for the wedding and have their leave revoked, insurance may cover the the cost of postponing the wedding. However, if either of them are in the military and not on leave, and are deployed that is not covered. The average cost of a wedding insurance policy is between 0.00 and 0.00. A real bargain when you consider that most weddings today cost upwards of ,000. Before you buy insurance, gather all of your receipts, make copies, one for the insurance company so they have figures to work with. Give a copy to your parents to hold and if you have a safe deposit box, store the originals there, .in case you need to file a claim. Read the policy, and make sure you fully understand everything before you sign anything.

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