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Planning For The Big Event: Your Wedding

He proposed. She accepted. Now it's time to plan for the big day. Where does one start? He wants a big wedding. She wants a quaint one with family and close friends. Before deciding here are important facts to consider. 1. The date that you and your fiancÚ decide on is your day. You and only you and your fiancÚ should discuss and decide what you want. Allow suggestions with the understanding of who will be making the final decision. 2. Weddings are a very, very profitable business. Advertisements have convinced us that weddings must be an elaborate social event, and if you cannot afford or refuse to have an elaborate gala you will be disappointed and so will your guests. Remember your family and true friends are happy for you and only want to share the moment with you. If your wedding day is enshrouded with elaborate festivities the true meaning of why two people are coming together will be lost. Remember Princess Diana's wedding? (My point exactly.) 3. Keep it simple. So you know a lot of people. But do you know that all of these people consider you an intimate acquaintance. If you have not heard from or seen them in years why invite them to your special day? Some of the loveliest wedding receptions that I have attended are the champagne and cake events. Have a party later when you both are more established financially, perhaps on your anniversary. 4. Enjoy the Moments. And you will, if you keep everything simple and plan within your means.

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