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Lobster - The Food Of Romantics!

Summer has arrived! Woo-Hoo! Do you know what always comes along with summer? Well, besides the bugs! Weddings! Yeap, that's right, Weddings. But I've got an other one for you. Years after all those wedding what else comes in summer? Nooo, not divorce, Anniversaries. All those people who were married are now going to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary. Congrats! So, are you one of those lucky people who have found the love of your life and are about to celebrate a Wedding Anniversary this summer? If so I have a suggestion for you. Actually, this particular suggestion could be used for any special occasion Birthdays, Valentines Day, Make Up Day ;-). You get the idea. As explained in my book "the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook" a Romantic Dinner is one of the best ways to show your significant other just how much you care. Most women love to get all dolled up in make up, perfume, and a special sexy outfit to be taken out by their man and shown some appreciation for the years of hard work. But, don't kid yourself ladies, the men love this too. We all want to feel like we are loved and appreciated, and initiating a Romantic Dinner out at your favorite restaurant will do just that. But what kind of dinner really says Love and Romance? Well, Harris Poll conducted a telephone survey of 1,015 Americans ages 18 and older to find out just what would be the best Anniversary or Special occasion dinner and here is what they found out. Would you believe that more than two in five Americans, that's 42%, consider Lobster to be the most Romantic food. A spokesman for Red Lobster said "Lobster is the perfect dish for a Romantic, or Special Occasion dinner out. It is an exotic delicacy that results in an intimate moment between loved ones because Lobster is hand-held and shareable. Shellfish, especially Lobster, is a catalyst for connection like no other food." Lobster was not the only food considered Romantic in this poll. Next on the list was steak. 24% of those surveyed said steak was their most Romantic Dinner. Steak was followed be pasta at 10%, shrimp at 9%, crab legs and chicken tied at 5%, and pork at 1%. More than nine out of ten of those surveyed, that's a whopping 93%, said that they would plan to eat at their favorite restaurant for a special occasion like an Anniversaries, Valentines Day, etc. There you have it! So for this Anniversary, or the up coming Valentines Day, or any other special occasion on your calendar, remember that Lobster is the food of Romantics. Bon Appetite! Marie Clare Relationship Consultant & Author

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