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How do you feel when someone remembers your birthday? Your Anniversary? It could even be a first month card from your girlfriend or boyfriend. We've been dating for 30 days! Wow! Maybe just a close friend sends you a special card on a special day. You may JUST be a customer! What's it feel like? - Bad? - No big deal? - Who cares? Why bother? I doubt it! Most of us get a nice warm feeling down in the gut. Someone remembered my birthday, that's really nice! Make a call. Thanks for thinking about me. Is this your kind of reaction? All of us want to be appreciated. Liked, respected, noticed. ------------------------------- "Your Customer Is No Different" ------------------------------- There's an invisible tattoo right across your chest. It clearly states "MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT" You can't see it, you just know it's there. Everyone has it. You are no exception. All of us like recognition, for simply being. Even the downtrodden deserve our respect and concern. You lift another person's spirits and YOU get a lift, too. Hopefully, you are an UP person. It's a matter of choice. Get up in the morning..... You have two choices. First, are you happy.....thank God for a new day! Second, you can choose to be Unhappy and NOT thank God for anything. First choice is better......for YOU and ME! There is an old saying . . "Everyday above ground is a good day!" Just think of all the positive ways that you can spend it or waste it. You and I have the freedom to choose how we use our time. Yes, all 24 hours of it. Sleep it away? Eat too much? Need to be on a diet? Work too much? Not enough time for the family? Touch the lives of others in a positive way ... family and friends......customers........look for new opportunities every day. You may recall my suggestion in an earlier Ezine that you build a PROFILE on every customer. I know that you have done exactly as recommended. Some folks go beyond the business realm and include personal friends. Those to be remembered in special ways. ----------- ACTION TIP: Send a birthday card; anniversary card; thank you card. ANY card. Whenever you have the opportunity. Be a STAND-OUT among your peers. Most will never take the time. They don't know the dates to remember. Your CUSTOMERS and friends will like you BETTER because you remembered. He / She just can't help it!

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