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A Diamond Anniversary Ring - The Perfect Way To Seal Your Love.

Some time ago you both made a promise. A promise to each other. Now itís time to recognise that you both meant that promise, and that now you both still mean it. Thereís no better way to do that than with a gift of a diamond anniversary ring. Well maybe there is. Two diamond anniversary rings, one for him and one for her. Diamond anniversary rings are also called eternity rings. Thatís because thatís how long you are both making your pledge to each other. The tradition of celebrating an anniversary of marriage began in medieval times when the only anniversaries celebrated were the 25 and 50 year anniversaries. Then a husband would crown his wife with a wreath of silver for 25 years and of gold for 50 years. Nowadays there is more than just the silver and gold anniversaries. The first is paper, the second wood, third leather and so on. Diamond is number 60. So you should traditionally wait 60 years for diamonds. But why wait? To wait for 60 years of marriage for a magnificent diamond anniversary ring seems a little silly. And it is, of course, possible to buy an anniversary ring that doesnít have any diamonds, but that isnít an anniversary ring to me. There has to be diamonds. The design of a diamond anniversary ring is very different to that of, say, an engagement ring. Whereas an engagement ring is designed to show off only one, or a very small number of diamonds, a diamond anniversary ring usually has a larger number. Sometimes the diamonds go all the way around the ring. The symbolism of an anniversary diamond ring is part of the design. The reason for the diamonds going all the way around the ring is to symbolise a never ending circle of love. No beginning and no end. That doesnít mean that all diamond anniversary rings have diamonds all the way around them. For a start that may be unaffordable for some. Plus there are some stunning designs in diamond anniversary rings which have only a few diamonds, but larger ones. One of the most in demand of these types of anniversary rings is the 3 stone diamond anniversary ring. Featuring one larger and two identical smaller diamonds, the 3 stone diamond anniversary ring is rich in meaning. The three stone diamond anniversary ring symbolises the past, present and future all bound together. And why not add a personal touch to your ring? The diamond anniversary ring that you both select will have a special meaning to you both. Why not engrave that meaning on the ring? Why not record the number of years you have been married on the ring? A special message of love? Anything, as long as itís short. And should you both have one, or just her? Well certainly it is less common for the male to have an anniversary ring, but certainly not unheard of. However it would be prudent to consider the design of the rings. It would be better if the two rings were designed to be complementary. But not the same. His ring should be larger, or wider, than hers, to match his finger size. More masculine. Talk to your jeweller about designing a matching pair of diamond anniversary rings if you are both to wear one. But whichever you finally choose, a diamond anniversary ring is the only gift to celebrate your anniversary.

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