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If you've been invited to a wedding, two question are probably lingering on your mind; what to wear, and what to buy as a wedding gift. The following article, gives some good ideas of what to buy as a wedding gift if you're stumped. While most people think that giving money isn't thoughtful and personal enough, many couples enjoy this gift very much. Especially if they are a young couple, they are probably trying to save up for a mortgage, car, furniture or even pay back student loans. If you like the idea of giving money, but feel like you should add something personal, attach your check to a picture frame or kitchen item. If money isn't your thing, and you can afford it, you could give the couple a gift that you know they need or want that is rather expensive, such as a couch. Often the couple won't be expecting this so it will come as a great surprise and also greatly appreciated. If you like this gift idea, but can't afford it you could get a bunch of friends and family to pitch on it together. Or, you could buy them a luxurious hotel room for the night of their wedding. Just make sure with their family that they don't have one booked already, and tell the couple about the gift early so that they can make plans to stay the night there before leaving for their honey moon. You could also upgrade their plain ticket to first class, to make their trip more enjoyable. Or, to make their honeymoon extra special you could you could buy them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or resort activity or a camera for them to take great pictures with. If you aren't planning on spending so much money, you can get them a cheaper but still unique gift, such as a bottle of fine wine with instructions not to open until their 5th anniversary, or a piece of art, a beautiful vase, or a luxurious table cloth. Any of these gifts, although not as expensive as the ones mentioned before all have a unique touch that the newlyweds will remember for a time to come.

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