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25th Anniversary Party Ideas

We know that coming up with 25th wedding anniversary party ideas can be baffling. What type of party do you want to hold? A large party, a small gathering of close friends and associates? We know exactly what you're thinking: "Where do I begin?" Once you've chosen a location to hold the party, you'll need to call up friends and loved ones. This is important! Let everyone know that you're sending them an invitation. Confirm everyone's address. That last thing you want is for your invitations to get returned. Once you've got all the information you need, you're ready to begin shopping for invitations. Purchasing invitations isn't a difficult task at all. The only decision that you'll really need to make is whether you want your invitations store-bought or customized. What's the difference, you ask? Well, price for starters. Customized invitations can cost a pretty penny. However, they're excellent, as they come with RSVP cards that can be mailed back to you. Despite this, you can always add an RSVP on a store-bought invitation. Sure, they don't look as fancy--but it's just an invitation! As long as the invitation provides ample space for information you should be fine. Let all your friends and loved-one's know they're going to party hard at your anniversary party. Tell them, "wear comfortable shoes, ladies! You're going to dance the night away!" Now you have to fulfill your promise to everyone. Hire a fantastic DJ or live band to provide entertainment for your special evening. Watch the dance floor come alive when fun songs and modern music are played. Don't worry, you're friends will have an excellent time. But this night is all about you and your spouse. Check any worries you may have at the door. Kick your shoes off and mingle with your guests. Make sure that you have plenty of fun games and conversational topics. We're certain that you'll have plenty of harmlessly funny stories to tell after twenty five years of marriage. With that in mind, make a toast to the one you love. A twenty-fifth anniversary party is also an excellent opportunity to renew your vows. Perhaps you'd like new friends and loved ones to witness the beautiful ceremony. If they couldn't be there the first time around, this party will make for a great opportunity. Saying "I do" all over again will rekindle all the love you have for one another. You may even feel twenty-five years younger before the night is over! If you're ready to fall in love all over again, you might want to take the plunge. Whatever it is you decide to do at your wedding anniversary party, make it a memorable experience that you'll treasure forever.

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