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The History Behind Traditional Anniversay Gifts

Nobody can say with any amount of certainty when the tradition of giving anniversary gifts started. Most probably it evolved over time. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material.

The first anniversary is symbolized with paper, and subsequently anniversary gifts become more precious or scarce to reflect the growing number of years a couple has remained together. Some say calling the twenty-fifth anniversary Silver Anniversary and the fiftieth anniversary Gold anniversary may have originated in medieval Europe, where wives were given a silver wreath to celebrate their twenty-fifth year of marriage and a gold wreath for their fiftieth anniversary.

Diamonds are traditional in both the sixtieth and seventy-fifth years. The traditional anniversary gifts list may seem somewhat boring, but it doesn't have to be.

There are many ways you can turn each year's theme into a special gift. The traditional paper and cotton gifts for the first years can include a lovely origami booklet, paper tickets to a movie or a scrapbook with a plush cotton cover, filled with memories. A bit of creativity can twist tradition to give an enchanting new flavor. For instance, you can celebrate the yearly tradition even if you want to break away from it to give another type of gift. Or use the yearly theme to wrap your gift or trim it with any item made from that year's material. You can go a step further and make the theme material of your traditional anniversary gift a carrier for your gift, like tucking a ring in a leather wallet, or tying a cluster of roses together with a bracelet. You can even try hiding a necklace inside the pocket of a silk robe or fold a cozy woolen shawl around another gift.

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