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The Hottest Birthday Gifts for Men, Women, and Kids

What are the hot and trendy birthday gifts for men, women, and kids today? This is a question that must be answered, especially when your loved ones are celebrating their birthday. Hot and trendy birthday gifts are very important. It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends so that buying birthday gifts is not stressful. You'll find that your loved ones always seem to be one step ahead. But it isn't difficult to catch up with some research. One thing to keep in mind is that hot and trendy gifts do not always refer to clothing. These days, it seems that electrical gadgets, home accessories, and audio equipment are the hip gifts. Knowing how to purchase a hip gift will raise your credibility rating with your family and friends. If you've researched what is currently endorsed by all the popular magazines, talk-shows, and music shows, then your family will be impressed. Always listen for the buzz around products, gadgets and gizmos. Two questions to ask yourself before you shop are: 1. Who is buying what? 2. Who is advertising what? If the answers include big movie stars and big media publications, then these are the hot and trendy gifts you want for your loved ones. As a quick guide: The hot and trendy gifts for men include martini-making kits, cashmere scarves, leather bracelets, surfer board shorts, the IPod Nano, camouflage cargo pants, personal care scrub kits, and yoga instruction books. The hot and trendy gifts for women include gourmet hot chocolate, organic junk food, broaches, logo tags on silver chains, jewelry-making kits, robotic vacuums, anything with a leopard print, the classical stripe oxford shirts, and red candles, The hot and trendy gifts for kids include, jewelry with the words 'hope' and 'peace', fake tattoos, lip venom, henna body art, Adidas 'Adrenaline' perfume, boyfriend pillows, hair jewelry-making kits, MP3 players, and anything Bratz (for the girls) and Spiderman (for the boys).

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