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Easy Wedding Shower Ideas

Don't be intimidated if you've been chosen as the maid of honor for your friend's wedding and your greatest fear is planning the bridal shower! There are plenty easy wedding shower ideas to get you started and make the whole process go smoothly. The most popular wedding shower idea is the kitchen shower, and it's really the most practical as well. After all, no one can have too many kitchen utensils or appliances, and there is also a host of nice little gourmet treats that the bride would love to be gifted with. A personal shower is also nice, with everyone giving the bride a gift of lingerie or accessories such as inexpensive jewelry. She might also like something like a skin treatment gift set, cosmetics, or bath powder and perfume. When most people think of wedding showers, they do tend to think of tradition - a group of ladies getting together in someone's home or at a restaurant or tea room. Lots of decorations, some games and gifts. This is a wonderful concept, but if you're busy it can be hard to pull off. That's why there's a new trend in easy wedding shower ideas - activity based showers. We don't mean rock-climbing (unless you want to) - we mean a girl's day out. Call a local day spa and ask if you can book an afternoon for pedicures and manicures for the whole crew. This is especially nice if you are having a small shower for close friends. You can all talk and giggle and feel spoiled, then duck out for a drink and open gifts afterward. No muss, no fuss, no clean-up or decorating for you. And every guest leaves feeling special! You can do the same with a cosmetics counter at a fine department store - call ahead and explain that you have several women who want makeovers and do a day of bonding over shopping. In some cases, the makeup company will even throw in some free gifts for the wedding party or bride. It's fun and inexpensive, and again you can follow up with dinner or drinks. Not to mention everyone gets a new look for the wedding day!

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