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Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette

It is customary for the bride-to-be to give each of her bridesmaids a bridesmaid gift to thank them for their time, effort and investment. Gifts can be presented by the bride-to-be anytime all the bridesmaids are together and have quiet moment. Gifts are also given to the junior bridesmaids and, if appropriate, the flower girl. Often all the bridesmaids receive the same gift; with the exception of the maid of honor, who is usually given a more extravagant gift than the others since her duties exceed the other bridesmaid's. Each bridesmaid gift can also be a variation on a theme (ex. each a different color necklace) or completely different items for each bridesmaid. Bridesmaid gifts are often jewelry to wear at the ceremony that can also be worn for years to come. But bridesmaid gifts can also include a photo album / scrapbook, spa gift certificate, or even matching gloves to wear at the wedding ceremony. There are many opinions when it comes to the price of bridesmaid gifts. Generally gifts are purchased a month or so before the wedding, spending up to 0 per gift. Some consider the gift's price should be in alignment with the cost of the wedding; others feel the more time the bridesmaids have spent helping, the more costly the gift; and still others feel the bride-to-be should spend what she sees fit and can afford. By giving a gift to her bridesmaids, the bride-to-be is thanking her bridesmaids for all of the time (and money) they have invested in her wedding. Bridesmaidís gifts are her token of appreciation and friendship. No matter what is chosen for the bridesmaid gift, enclosing a card with a handwritten note or poem makes it even more personal.

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