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Wedding gifts

This article briefly tells about wedding gift practises.
When and how did the "wedding gifts" originate? One has to go back in history as far back as Athenians and their practice of offering presents to those who are about to enter into an agreement "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, for sickness or for health,". Also the practice of wedding gifts dates back to the period when men no longer bartered their wives for their horses; and when mutual friends offered articles that would go far, toward making the housekeeping of the newly-wedded more comfortable.

The Grecian historians have more to tell us on wedding gifts. The wedding gifts used to form a gorgeous display and that friends and relatives competed with each other in offering the best of their wedding gifts that excel in elegance. - wedding gifts include vessels of gold and silver, precious jewels, vases, articles of ornament, magnificent wearing apparel, as well as couches, tables and other household appurtenances.

Today wedding gifts are an all-important part of the ceremony or etiquette of marriage. Times have changed and to think of the historical way of giving wedding gifts like the examples above, is impractical. Present practices of offering wedding gifts limit to more useful things rather than items of display.Visit http://venturemall.tripod.com/winbidbuy/id30.html for gifts and gifts related articles.

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