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Give a Jewelry/Watch Gift With a Twist

Okay, so you've waited until the last minute. Or you've tried really hard but have drawn a blank and can't seem to think of any good wedding anniversary gifts.

It's time to pull out that bag of traditional romantic gift ideas. And this time you've decided to go with jewelry, or maybe a watch. But that doesn't have to be the end of it. You can still make an impression, big time.

Spice up those traditional wedding anniversary gifts (or gifts for any occasion) easily. You can get romantic gifts online that present a creative spin to the old standbys of jewelry and watches.

For example, your jewelry can be personally engraved with a unique message, or with your and your significant others' names.

Sometimes it's not the gift you give, but the way you present it that really sticks in the mind of the receiver. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can use those traditional flower anniversary gifts to and make a lasting impression on your significant other...

* Instead of just handing over a jewelry or watch box over dinner at a nice restaurant, have it handed to them on a silver platter by the waiter. :)

* Make gift giving a treasure hunt and make them search for the jewelry/watch gift. Give clues to point them in the right direction.

Or you could be very blatant and point them in the right direction literally. For example, before they come home, put up sheets of papers with arrows on them, one leading to the next arrow and the next, until eventually an arrow points to the gift.

Or you could make a path out of little gifts (or flowers, or flower petals, or...) that leads to the (big) gift.

* Or, combining two traditional anniversary gift ideas (flowers and jewelry, specifically a ring), you could present a ring inside a flower, like a rose.

Of course, those ideas would be good for any number of gifts. Use your imagination. Even the simplest touch can make traditional wedding anniversary gifts like jewelry or watches even more special.

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