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Give a Chocolate Box Gift with a Twist

Okay, so you've waited until the last minute. Or you've tried really hard but have drawn a blank and can't seem to think of any good anniversary gifts.

It's time to pull out that bag of traditional romantic gift ideas. And this time you've decided to go with chocolate candy gifts, probably a box of chocolates. But that doesn't have to be the end of it. You can still make an impression, big time.

Spice up those chocolate candy gifts easily. You can get romantic gifts online that present a unique, creative spin to the old standby of chocolate. Or you could come up with your own idea.

For example, you could make a chocolate box of your sweetie's favorite treats. If they like milk chocolate more than dark chocolate, give them milk chocolate pieces. Or if they like Twix and Almond Joy bars, then make a box from the mini-Twix and mini-Almond Joy bars you picked up from the local grocery store.

Or, combining two traditional anniversary gifts (flowers and chocolate), you could even get them a chocolate rose.

Sometimes it's not the gift you give, but the way you present it that really sticks in the mind of the receiver. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can use those traditional chocolate candy box anniversary gifts and make a lasting impression...

* Instead of just presenting your sweetie with a chocolate box, you can give the candy gift with a personalized message (as opposed to a Hallmark card).

* You could give the chocolate pieces in the box separately. Put a few chocolates on the table beside the bed, on the desk at the office, inside the lunch bag, you name it, and let your sweetheart find them. Just a few or so for however long you want the little treasure hunt to continue.

Use your imagination. Even the simplest touch can make traditional chocolate candy anniversary gifts like chocolate boxes even more special.

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