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Sweet Little Nothings Do Count for Something

After the first, brilliant anniversary gift idea has been
used up, impressing your significant other tends to get a
bit more difficult. At least it does in your mind. You
think you have to come up with some expensive, elaborate
gift for the next time.

Well, no. Sometimes it's the little (inexpensive, even
free) things we do that are the most appreciated and leave
a lasting impression. For example, you could:

* Write love notes on the mirror, so it'll be one of the
first things they see in the morning when they wake up.

* Take a spin around the room to their favorite CD or song.

* Leave little love notes and poems here and there--at the
workplace, in the mailbox, on the dashboard, etc.

* Make them breakfast in bed. A flower or other small gift
may add a nice touch.

* Cook dinner for the night, especially if you're not the
one who usually does the cooking. Or you could order in a
special meal.

*Have a picnic in your yard or in the park if you can,
especially on a starry night. This would also be the
perfect opportunity to add a little extra and present your
sweetie with their own star as a first anniversary gift
idea (or any other occasion).

Or you could decorate a room in your house with glow-in-
the-dark stars on the ceiling to recreate the night outdoors.

* Give them some love coupons so they can request sweet
little nothing favors from you whenever they want. Love
coupons in themselves are wonderful wedding anniversary
gift ideas and you can buy them or make them yourself.

You can probably come up with more ideas. But always
remember: Price doesn't matter. Size doesn't matter. Color
doesn't matter, unless they have an intense hatred for a
particular shade of blue or something ;) The best first
wedding anniversary gift idea (or any romantic gift idea)
is one that comes from the heart and one that your
significant other will truly love.

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