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Finding Wonderful Products at Bargain Prices

Regardless of the occasion for which I'm shopping, I always look for a range of wonderful products at bargain prices. Whether I'm shopping online or walking through a flea market, my heart always beats a little more quickly when I find an establishment that has a wide variety of potential gifts at bargain prices. I approach gift giving as both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is in selecting a gift that will bring a smile of delight to the face of my recipient. The challenge is in finding that gift at a bargain price. The key that allows me to find wonderful products at bargain prices is, first, preparation, and second, seizing the moment. For me, preparation means creating and maintaining a gift list. Initially, I wrote down each occasion during the year for which I'd need a gift. I wrote down the birthday of every family member and friend and the list of people for whom I'd buy Christmas gifts. Then I jotted down my niece's bridal shower and wedding, my son's graduation, and my parents' wedding anniversary. I organized all of the dates in chronological order. Once I had my list of dates and gift recipients listed, I set aside a block of time to think about each person's interests. My dad is into NASCAR and all things automotive, so I made sure to jot that down. I noted which toys and colors my nephew favored. My sister's obsession with jewelry and handbags made my list, as did my brother-in-law's interest in electronics. I keep my special occasions list handy at all times. When I receive catalogues in the mail, I'll look through them for gift ideas. Around the first of every month, I review my list and update it with new occasions and events. The other aspect of gift giving - finding the perfect gift at a bargain price - is exciting and rewarding. Because I always have my list with me, I'm always prepared to seize the moment and pick up wonderful products at bargain prices. Sometimes I walk the flea market, list in hand, just in case a great gift pops into view. Other times, I go online to find great bargains. Some online outlets have everything from toys and sports products to automotive and electronics. Then I know I've hit pay dirt! Out comes the list and I can shop to my heart's content, knowing that my recipients will love their gifts - and never know that I found them at bargain prices! I've found that some online venues dropship their products, and others send them directly from their warehouses. Regardless, when the box shows up on my doorstep, I add the gift inside to my special gift closet. I've set aside one closet in my house just for gifts, and keep it organized by month. Using this system, I've never had to scramble for a last-minute gift. Best of all, my recipients are delighted with their gifts, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I've found them all at bargain prices!

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