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Truly unique wedding reception ideas are often hard to come by. In an age where many bride and groom wish for their wedding to be special and truly creative, finding innovative ideas for wedding receptions is much sought after. Much of what you decide to do for your wedding reception party will have to do with your overall wedding plan - your theme. Sticking with a planned theme can often make planning your reception more difficult. For example, throwing a Western cowboy themed wedding makes it difficult to throw a reception at a cozy ski hill resort without breaking with your theme. The best thing to do is to plan the majority of your wedding events around what you want - your wedding ceremony location and particulars. Since location is probably one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, we suggest looking at unique locations first and ask yourself (and the owner) whether those places would fit your wedding reception idea. Some ideas might be: Romantic restaurants Small cruise Ranch or private home Sports venue Private or rented movie theatre Ballroom Amphitheatre or outdoor venue (good in sunny weather locales) Ski Lodge Cornfield clearing complete with tents and large awnings There are many ideas for locations for wedding receptions (and weddings for that matter). Once you have selected the proper location, find out if the location supports the number of people for your reception - the entertainment, refreshments, food and people. Why not try customized refreshments, themed wedding favors, even reception games. By being creative with location and your wedding theme, you will find that the rest of the wedding reception planning will fall right into place.

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