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Choosing The Right Style Tuxedo For The Groom

While it is true that wedding gowns get most of the attention for a wedding, formal wear for the groom is still very important. You can start shopping for menís formal wear at any time, but itís better to wait until after the brides dress has been selected, this will give you an opportunity to coordinate the look and feel of the tuxedo to the wedding gown as much as possible. It is true that itís almost impossible to look bad in a tuxedo there are ways that you can make yourself look better. Here are some tips to help you find the right formal wear for your wedding. If your wedding is going to be an informal affair you probably wonít want a tuxedo. Itís much more appropriate to wear a formal suit or dinner jacket. If the affair is indoors or in the winter black, navy, dark gray or brown is the most appropriate color. For outdoor summer wedding you can wear a white or ivory jacket paired with dark slacks. For a semi-formal wedding you are going to want a tuxedo for the groom and all of the groomsmen. While black is the usual color you can branch out into other colors if they catch your eye. The groomsmen should all be wearing bow ties and cummerbunds that coordinate with the bridesmaidís dresses. For formal events you are going to want a tuxedo or black tailcoat. By pairing a tailcoat with a white tie and white vest or waistcoat you create a very elegant look. The shirt should have French cuffs with a matching cufflinks and shirt button studs. To complete the look wear highly polished black patent leather shoes. Some grooms like to wear a top hat and grey glove but these are optional and really up to the taste of the bride and groom. © Copyright FlawlessWedding.com, All Rights Reserved.

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