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When planning your wedding, ask yourself: why is there so much silk involved in a wedding? You know the answer as well as I do: Silk symbolized elegance. Silk has been around for literally thousands of years and has been used by people for ages for all sorts of purposes. When used in bulk and custom designed for a wedding dress, silk isn't cheap. Let me restate that, silk is cheap when bought by the truckload from a mass manufacturer in China or somewhere else. But, by the time it's styled and added to a fancy wedding dress, the resulting silk product can be costly. When someone gets married, they want the wedding to be as fancy (and unfortunately for the person who is footing the bill, expensive) as possible. For that special woman, no expense should be spared. And believe me, the wedding caterers know this. They've seen thousands of couples come before you and they are professionals as sizing up how much money is likely budgeted for you wedding. Silk flowers are another popular item found at weddings. Arranged properly, silk flowers can add a huge amount of beauty to any ceremony. In fact, there are many stores (likely online) that carry different types of silk flowers and silk flower arrangements for your wedding. On top of that, many small custom providers of different silk flowers and plants can be found online. Say, you are having a Hawaiian themed wedding. Wouldn't it be cool if there were silk palm trees and silk coconuts. Yes. It would. Now just convince whoever is paying for your wedding that these are integral parts to your wedding and you are all set.

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