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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

Choosing Your Wedding Invitations Once you've chosen a time and date for your wedding, you should get on the phone! Call all of your friends and loved ones before you purchase your wedding invitations. Confirm everyone's address. Let everyone know that you're sending them an invitation, so that they're on the look-out. That last thing you want is for your wedding invitations to get returned. Once you've got all the information you need, you're ready to begin shopping for invitations. The Wedding invitations that you will decide to send your guests can make a huge impression. In a way, your wedding invitations are meant to convey the type of occasion you will have. For instance, a plain and simple invitation will be associated with a plain and simple wedding. A fancy invitation hints towards an elaborate occasion. The invitations you choose should coincide with the type of wedding you will have. You don't want to shock your guests, you want to welcome them. Simple wedding invitations tend to be less costly than the elaborate ones. Nevertheless, they can still express the same sentiments as any other invitation. It's really just a matter of preference. Do you prefer light paper to heavy paper? Do you prefer script to print font? These are all questions you need to consider prior to looking for your invitations. Remember, a fancier design usually amounts to a more expensive invitation. Shop around and find those special invitations that steal your breath away. Just remember to be logical. Elaborate shouldn't necessarily mean 'better.' Find the invitations that will suit you and your guests best. Contemporary 'themed' weddings seem to be the new craze. The invitations for these types of weddings come in assorted colors that tend to be bright and vibrant. Contemporary wedding invitations may even include a photograph of the soon-to-be newly weds. In addition, should you opt for a 'theme' style wedding, your invitations should coincide with the style of your wedding. There's nothing wrong with bending 'the rules' a little bit. Traditional invitations that come in the colors of white, gold, and silver, are not your only option. Live a little! Nevertheless, always remember: just because something may look good on display; it doesn't imply that it's practical. Some fonts are smaller than others. Will your guests be able to read the invitation without great difficulty? Will your invitations include RSVP cards and envelopes in the same font style? These are very important details which, unfortunately, tend to get overlooked. Don't let it happen to you! Be prepared and determined to get the perfect invitations. Your invitations should express your excitement and sweetest sentiments. The idea behind your wedding invitation is to make your recipient feel welcome; not overwhelmed. Make sure that the directions to the reception are very precise, and that you've included all of your contact information. If you've decided to pursue a bridal gift registry--you may want to include that information in your invitations as well. While a gift registry may sound presumptuous to some, many guests feel very overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a wedding gift. If you include a list of items that you and your spouse-to-be desire, it just may make shopping an easier task for everyone.

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