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Wedding Anniversary Signature Frame Ė The Perfect Anniversary Gift!

So youíre having a wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Itís quite a remarkable achievement in this day and age and whether youíre celebrating a 10th, 25th, or 50yr anniversary each year marks a memorable milestone and deserves a special celebration. It also requires a unique gift to commemorate and memorialize such an important occasion.

While itís important to find an anniversary gift that will pay homage to your past memories as well as capture your new memories, you may also want to incorporate the traditional wedding items such as silver on a 25th anniversary or gold for your 50th landmark anniversary. Wouldnít it be great to find an anniversary gift that can include all of these attributes?

Well, there is and itís called a signature frame, and if youíre not familiar with this gift it is a picture frame that can display various photographs of a coupleís favorite memories surrounded by signatures of friends and family attending their special day. It is the modern photo album and guestbook combined and it is able to display past and anniversary day memories together in one eye-catching frame.

The way in which these frames can accomplish all this is by including them at your next anniversary party and itís simple! By displaying photographs of the anniversary couple inside the signature frame at the party, guests can view these photographs and be included in the coupleís past history and memories while they autograph the signature frame. A personalized engraving in silver or brass can also be incorporated in the frame to follow the traditional anniversary gift customs while also adding a timeless permanence to the frame.

The signed frame, complimented with pictures can then be presented to the anniversary couple at the end of the party as a gift from everyone. Signature frames also have the added benefit of allowing couples to add or change photographs taken at their anniversary party.

By combining a little of the old and part of the new, Anniversary Signature frames will display your past and present memories surrounded by the signatures of family friends that were part of your special day. Your signature frame will become a cherished family heirloom to be enjoyed for decades to come.

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