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Every day is someones birthday. Gentles Gifts' has delivered over 2000 FREE gifts to our customer base. Every birthday, graduation, Easter, Christamas and every other holiday or occasion you can think of we help our customers help themselves. We give the gift you want that can make an impact on what you think about us. We are in the business to make our customers happy. With your help we know that is possible.

On Valentine's Day we gave away two of the most prize gifts. Two couples John and Michelle were given the an ingagement present from Gentles Gifts' as a thank you for their long commitment to helping us help them. With a boy (7) and a girl on the way. This couple will be forever greatful for building the relationship they did with us.

Every day is a special day. Nothing is better than getting the one gift you wanted on your birthday. When you register with www.gentlesgifts.com and tell us your birthday; you pick the gift you want for your birthday. You let us know what you want and we will deliver it to you. Free Shipping, Free Gift and the enjoyment on your special day.

Every new customer get's a welcome gift. Depending on the time of the year, your gift is chosen and sent to you. With our data base growing day by day; we seek new customers to enjoy our Gift's for all seasons and all reasons. We have Free Catalogs available online for all of our new customers. All they have to do is log on to www.gentlesgifts.com and register with us and click on free catalog and it will get shipped with your FREE gift as stated. What more can anyone ask for? It get's better. Every month there is a number one birthday winner. This individual will have the opportunity to win a year of free gifts. Yes, if you are picked as thr number one birthday winner, you get to pick one gift a month up to .00 for free. Remember, we are charged with the responsibility of serving every customer have the best shopping experience at gentlesgifts. Online or offline, we have a gift for all seasons, and a gift for all reasons.


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