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Planning a Theme Wedding--8 Tips to Creative Success

You want your wedding to reflect who you are as a couple-unique and special. If a traditional wedding seems a little a little boring, consider a theme wedding--one of the hottest trends in weddings today. Whether you're into all things western or romantic strolls on the beach, butterflies or fairytales, the most important aspect in choosing a theme is that it be something that you consider to be romantic and fun. After all, memories of your wedding day will be cherished for a lifetime. 8 Tips for Planning a Themed Wedding 1. Consider the time of year for your wedding. A beach bash may not work in February; just as a winter wonderland theme will melt in July. 2. If you want your guests to participate in the theme by dressing in costume, then let them know early. A good way to do this is with your choice of announcements and invitations. 3. Make sure that your attendants and groomsmen are supportive of the idea, particularly with regard to wedding attire. No one wants to feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. 4. Discuss your plans with the wedding officiate to make sure he or she harbors no objections. 5. The 'less is more' adage is true with regard to decorations. Avoid overkill and choose one or two major motifs from a theme and use decorations sparingly. 6. Talk to your wedding vendors. With theme weddings on the rise in popularity, these wedding professionals may be able to offer ideas to pull your theme together. 7. If you have chosen a theme and are having difficulty implementing your plans, hire a wedding coordinator to help. Coordinators may have the wedding industry contacts to help plan your theme wedding down to the very last detail. 8. Do not let the theme detract from the meaning of the day. Your wedding day is only one day: the first of many in your new life together. For theme ideas and inspiration visit http://www.WhereBridesGo.com.

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