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Get Help Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing your Wedding Vows is not easy. But it is one of the most precious gifts you will ever give each other so it is worth every bit of effort that you put into it. You don't need to be Shakespeare or Keats to write loving vows that have a soul. Simply speak from your heart and try to verbalize your feelings. The rest will happen naturally. Writing your Vows is not a random process where you simply ramble words from the top of your head. There is a process to writing wedding vows. In fact you can even buy wedding vow toolkits to help take you through the process. From writing out your feelings, making promises, deciding on the various forms of address like husband, spouse, loved one, life partner and even the language you will all go towards making your own, unique set of vows. If you find yourself incapable of giving expression to your feelings, then the best route to take is to buy a book or ebook on wedding and marriage vows. Some people feel that this shows a lack of commitment and respect for the ceremony. However, that is not really true! You would not expect a non-artist to paint his woman's face to prove how much he loves her and neither would you expect a tone-deaf lover to serenade his bride. So why expect someone who lacks the creative skills of a poet, to write poetry? Also, it would be unfair that just because you do not have great poetic or journalistic abilities your vows should be mediocre. Wedding vows are a promise you make to each other. Just as you want the best for your marriage, so should you for the wedding vows. And it's perfectly ok to borrow from the experts. The best thing to do if you cannot write your own vows is to invest in some good handbooks that provide you with some witty vows, a few beautiful poems that you can incorporate into your vows and some evocative verses as well. Once you have these, you can choose the vows you like best and add a few more things you may want to say. Not only will you personalize the wedding vows but also they will come straight from the heart. One important thing to remember is that irrespective of whether you write your wedding vows yourself or get outside help, you will need to practice them. You don't want to end up with a whole page of beautifully written vows - that you forgot during the ceremony! So once you have your wedding vows ready practice saying them over and over - in front of the mirror and in front of an audience. Sometimes, the way you speak your wedding vows can make all the difference!

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