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7 Hot Tips To Impressing A Women

Hey guys, want to know more...... 1. Cooking Dinner for Her. Make a meal that looks difficult but actually leaves little room for error, like this recipe from Barbara Pool Fenzl, owner of Les Gourmettes Cooking School. Buy some mixed spice powder from the supermarket and rub it into a 500gms beef tenderloin. Cut it into six pieces. Place each piece in the centre of a corn husk that you've soaked in water for one hour. Wrap the husk around the meat and bake at 200degree celcius for 25 to 30 minutes. To serve, pull back one side of the husk and top the meat with salsa. 2. Deliver Flower to Her Working Place. Get her a bouquet of flower and delivered to her working place. Trust me, when she saw the envy faces of her female colleagues, she would loved you more than ever. Do it today, don't wait for Valentines's Day or her birthday. 3. Remembering Your Anniversary. In Spain, it's common for a man to have his wedding date engraved on the outside of his weeding band so he can see the date when his palm is up. A better option:register at www.rememberit.com a free service that automatically sends you reminders about important dates. While you're at it, put in her birthday and her parents' anniversary. 4. Holding a Baby Without Looking Uncomfortable. It's always sweet to see man holding baby with tender loving care. Hold the baby vertically so he's looking away from you, and use your chest to support his head and neck. Tuck one hand under his butt and the other under his armpit. Bounce him gently if he fusses; pass him along without panic if he reeks. 5. Romantic notes. The love letter or love note is an amazing thing; little effort is required to write her one, and yet you can express so much. So write her a few creative, unique love notes and leave them in unexpected places around the house. For example, stick one to the bathroom mirror or to the coffee machine. 6. Put on Jacket for Her. While leaving a restaurant or going outdoor, put on a jacket for her, leave and stroke her hair. She would feel very touch by your little gesture. 7. Giving Good Foot Massage. Hold her ankle firmly in your non-dominant hand. Place the thumb of your other hand on the bottom of her heel. Apply steady, even pressure with the edge or ball of the thumb using a forward, caterpillar-like motion. Starting at the heel, press one spot and move a little forward, working your way up to her toes. To target the region that will give her the most pleasure, press right under the ball of her foot in the center, between the second and third toes, says the massage therapist Laura Norman. Hold for a few seconds and release.

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