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How About Toffee Crunch Flavored Gift Baskets of Popcorn?

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Of course, we don’t love the part where the popcorn hull sticks between our teeth, but mmm, the rest is great! Have you considered giving gift baskets with popcorn for your friend or loved one’s next special occasion? They work wonderfully as a compliment to a birthday gift, congratulations or graduation, among others.

Gone are the days of simply buttered or plain popcorn. You can now get many different flavors, such as:

- Cheddar
- Caramel
- Jalapeno
- White cheddar
- Chocolate
- Peanut butter and white chocolate
- Toffee crunch

And that’s just a few of the flavors we’ve found – there are quite a few more. And our favorite choice when it comes to popcorn? Popcorn pops - caramel popcorn covered in milk chocolate and drizzled with vanilla icing. They weigh 5.2 ozs! You’ll love every bite!

If you’re not sure what flavor to get, send a sampler and then when the next special occasion comes around, you’ll know your friend’s favorite flavor. You can even get refills to send – since they already have the tin or basket, which means more delicious popcorn for them to enjoy. Make sure to visit our Salty Gifts page (http://www.gourmet-food-gifts.com/salty-gifts.htm) for more information and the links to the stores whose products we’re mentioning. Happy shopping!

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