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Who doesn't want to receive gifts? Even as a kid, you looked forward to your birthday because of the presents that went with it. Now you are older, you still can't get enough of gifts! There is just something so heartwarming upon knowing that someone cares enough to hand you a present. But what if you are the one who is about to give a gift? Are you up for it? Is gift-giving a reason why you anticipate Christmas and your loved ones' birthdays? One surefire way to make someone feel good all over is by giving him or her a gift. So if you think you want to brighten up someone's day, if you like to earn the reputation of being a good gift giver, then read on. Tips on giving and buying tips are in store for you! 1. Know what the recipient wants. Gifts become ten times better when they are the very things the recipient wants. Suppose your friend is an avid baseball cap collector, what is there to do? Buy him a baseball cap, what else! If your mom loves making scrapbooks, then give her something which will make her scrapbooks prettier and more memorable. So do the research. It is going to be worth it, especially when the recipient squeals over finding out what the gift is. 2. You do not have to buy expensive gifts. You don't give to impress. Unless you are some hotshot who can practically afford anything, there is no need to buy a Louis Vuitton bag for a friend. Give according to your means. The value of a gift does not depend on the price. Remember that famous saying, "It's the thought that counts." 3. Go for the safe gifts. This tip applies if you are totally clueless on what to give. Here are some of the safe gifts: For men: handkerchiefs, neckties, suitcases, wallets, pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts, sports equipment, belts and towels. For women: make-up kits, handkerchiefs, combs, hair clips, pouches, bags, beddings, photo albums and frames, jewelry and belts. If you want the safest, go for the gift certificates! But then again, they are not as thoughtful compared to other gifts. 4. Check out the websites. If you do not feel like walking around the mall to look for gifts, why not check the internet and websites? Not only will you have seemingly endless choices, you might even score yourself a bargain! 5. Give extra special gifts on special occasions. It goes without saying that a special occasion calls for a special gift. It is your sister's 16th birthday, give her something that will just make her day. For weddings, go for gifts that will best suit the newlyweds like a toaster for their new home or love-inspired beddings. Remember, they do not have to be expensive. Just special. 6. Give gifts earnestly and lovingly. Gift-giving is just a concrete demonstration of how much you care about a person. Don't give just because you are required to. Don't give because you want something in return. Give because you love to. Give, just because. There you go! Don't forget to wrap your gifts nicely. Attach a lovely note. Some people think of gifts as highly commercialized and overrated. But how can you label giving a gift wholeheartedly commercialized? How can you badmouth such an act of love and kindness?

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