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50th Anniversary Gift Idea - Photo Montage DVD Video Scrapbook

You are faced with one of the biggest gift giving dilemmas in your life, what to give your parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. Every year your siblings have always trumped your expensive and practial gifts for your parents birthday, christmas, and anniversary. This time, for their 50th anniversary, you want to give them the gift they will never forget.

The Gift Idea Challenge Every year your brothers and sisters always seem to give your parents that perfect gift. You have tried everything for your parents birthday, Christmas, and anniversary, but always seem to come in second place in the gift giving competition. You have tried the expensive gifts (e.g. vacations, jewelry) and the practical gifts (e.g. television, gift certificates). For their one and only special 50th wedding anniversary you need to give them a unique gift that makes an emotional impact.

What Makes A Great 50th Anniversary Gift Okay. You have thrown down the gauntlet. For your parents 50th anniversary you are going to give them a gift that will knock their socks off. But what makes a great 50th anniversary gift? The gift should be: * Unique and Personal - This gift should be one of a kind, something that cannot be duplicated. Expensive and practical gifts, although may be initially appreciated, have no personality of their own. * Reflective - It should be representative not only on their 50 plus years together, but should illustrate the love and companionship they have shown each other, and taught their children. * Perpetual - This gift is something that will last them the rest of their life and can be enjoyed time after time.

Photo Video Montage - A Great 50th Anniversary Gift "I saw my father only cry twice. Once when his mother died, and when he viewed the Living Scrapbook® we did for him". That is it, I want to give a gift like that you exclaim! But what is a Living Scrapbook®? A Living Scrapbook® is one the brand names for what is commonly called a photo video montage, or DVD scrapbook. It is a collection of pictures set to music.

Can't I make my own Photo Video Montage / DVD Scrapbook? Yes, anyone with the correct equipment and experience can. In order to accomplish the same professional results the typical home computer would need an additional ,200 in audio/video hardware and software upgrades. In addition you would have to have 5+ years in multimedia integration. Just like pouring cement, anyone can do it however for it to look professional, you need to use a service with the right equipment and experience. Selecting

A Photo Montage / DVD Scrapbook Company There are many companies offering photo montage/ DVD scrapbooks services for anniversary gifts. Let the buyer beware; many of them are frustrated artists or videographers who own a computer and work out of their homes. When selecting a company to work with for your parents 50th anniversary consider their: * Experience * References * Product Quality Companies like Living Scrapbooks ® provide a unique service that is akin to professional film editing and documentary services. Presentations should be carefully storyboarded, with digital motion (pan and/or zoom) selected based on the natural flow of each picture. Beware of companies that only offer a slide show with a musical background; you should request a demo of their services!

How Do I Gather the Materials? In order to prepare a photo montage / DVD scrapbook, you need photos, video footage, newspaper clippings, and mementoes. Organize it like chapters in a book, e.g. "Dating Years", "Vacation", etc. A good web site for more information can be found at "Building A Better Video Scrapbook" at http://livingscrapbo oks.blogspot.com.

The Gift Presentation Now that have selected your pictures and music, and had a company like Living Scrapbooks® prepare your unique emotional 50th anniversary gift, now what? If you are having the 50th anniversary at a hall, contact them for the availability of a digital projector. This will allow you to connect a DVD player and project it on a movie screen or blank white wall. If your hall does not have a projector, ask your DJ (if you have one) or look in the yellow pages.

Need More Convincing? Putting together a photo video montage / DVD scrapbook does take a small commitment of time on your part; you need to budget time to select the photos, put them in order, and select music. But is it worth it? If you want to give an unique gift that makes an emotional impact it is!!! Take a look at some of the testimonials of people who have at http://www. livingscrapbooks.com/references.htm As you can see, you can give the gift this time that will make your brothers and sister jealous! Time to sit in that "favorite child" chair! Good luck!

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