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Funny wedding toasts - add some quick humor to your toast

So you're going to a wedding. Whether you're the father, best man, or what have you, you're going to give a wedding toast. Wedding toasts are short one liners and are something along the lines of: "To the Bride and Groom - may your following years together be filled with much happiness and joy." But, that's pretty plain and dry - not very funny. With a little humor we can create some pretty funny wedding toasts. Funny toasts are not at all hard to write. Just make sure you don't over do it and come across looking like a jerk at the wedding. So let's quickly throw together some funny wedding toasts to say... 1.) To the groom: "May you have many happy nights...taking out the trash." 2.) To the groom: "Congrats. Your bride is very lovely - but what happened to that cute chick you were with last week?" 3.) An old one but a favorite: "To our wives and lovers - hopefully they never meet!" OK, so those aren't the most funny or clever toasts ever, but I came up with the first two in a matter of minutes. The point is that you can bring some humor to the wedding by writing some funny toasts.

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