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Great Gift Idea for Everyone and Every Occasion Very often when gift giving time comes around; birthday, anniversary, graduation day, wedding day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Pastor Appreciation Day, etc... we tend to run to the stores and purchase the typical items. For her: Jewelry, chocolate, flowers, books, perfume, photo album books and boxes - which I received for my last birthday - and even cooking appliances. For him: A tie, a watch, car parts, absolutely anything sports related, cologne..... am I boring you yet? The list of typical, expected gift giving goes on and on. Not that there's anything wrong with any of these gifts. I can honestly say that when I've been asked what gifts I'd like to receive I've had all of these gifts listed at one time or another. But there's one thing I've never asked them for, and would never think to ask them for, even though I would highly desire it and prize it above all these other gifts. A slide show for me. Why would I never ask for it? Because this is a gift of the heart. And those kind of gifts are not asked for. Men especially would never think to ask for this. But when I presented a slideshow for my husband from his children on Father's Day, the tears fell as he watched his children growing up before his eyes and the impact that he's had in their lives. As the saying goes, "A picture's worth a thousand words" and the slideshow spoke volumes to his heart as saw pictures of him wrestling with his sons, teaching them to ride their bikes, doing homework with them, vacations together, reading books together, building pine-wood derby cars together, and so on. The music we chose added to the sentimental value and the personal message from the boys gave the final touch that all worked together to give him the most cherished gift he's ever received. He still comes to me and asks to see the video again and again. Oh, how I wish they'd consider having one made for me! Slideshows make a great gift giving idea for anyone. Granparents love to brag to everyone about their grandchildren. Think of how proud they would feel displaying a video slideshow of their children and grandchildren at the next get-together with all their friends! Mom's and dad's would love a slideshow that shows how much their children love and appreciate them. Slideshows have a special way of showing people that all they've done for them has not gone unnoticed. Family and friends that live far away would especially love a Christmas slideshow that displays the year's events in your lives. They will feel a part of your life even though separated by distance. Friendship slideshows are another wonderful idea. Gather up all the pictures of your memories together and put them with a special friendship song and you'll have a gift you'll both cherish forever! Graduates love slideshows that go from the time they're born until their graduation day! One young lady told her mother that she loved her graduation video so much because when she felt lonely or homesick in college she would just play the video and seeing all her family and friends on the video would comfort her and help her feel close to home again. What about the love of your life? Give him or her a romantic slideshow that celebrates your life together. Guys especially - think of how you'd make her feel if you did this without her knowing or asking! Wow! Start from the moment you both met and go through the years highlighting all your most memorable events. Add "your song", have a professional slideshow making company put it all together for you, then plan a special candlelight evening and watch it together. What could be more special? Whether you're looking for a gift idea for mom, dad, grandmom, granddad, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, friend, pastor, whoever... slideshows make the perfect unexpected, and most cherished gift because they are the sentimental gift that comes from the heart. They say, "I love you", "You're special to me", "I appreciate you", "I remember when", "You're presence in my life is more important to me than anything else".... And so much more. So everyone, gather up all your old photos from the shoeboxes, desks drawers, and photo albums and have Sands of Time Multimedia Creations - a professional slideshow making company - create a slideshow for your loved ones that they'll cherish forever! Get started today. They'll be glad you did.

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