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Planning your Wedding Rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner has finally arrived. It's the end of road for some couples, or the beginning of the wedding weekend madness for others. It just depends how you look at it. And even though it seems like all of the planning should be focused on the actual wedding, the rehearsal dinner should not be overlooked. Who comes The rehearsal dinner was meant to be a way for the out of town guests to meet each other before the actual wedding day. But you can invite anyone that you think might like to come out for the evening. Most couples invite their families and wedding parties as well as anyone else from out of town. And others decide that whoever comes to the actual rehearsal will be invited to the dinner. It's entirely up to you. It is easier to invite those that are going to be at the rehearsal as you'll all be in one place and just move to another. Where to have it The number of guests as well as the budget will determine where you want to have your rehearsal dinner. It can be easier to have it at a restaurant due to the ease of having a varied menu that everyone can choose from, but this can become expensive too. You may want to limit the menu for the guests in order to keep costs low. Another option is to have the rehearsal dinner at someone's home. This works out great for a smaller group and can be easily planned with a few calls and a few trips to the store. What happens at the rehearsal dinner This is really the chance for the bride and the groom to get to talk to everyone without being caught up in their wedding day. They may give a short speech or note of thanks to everyone that has helped them get to their wedding day. Sometimes, the couple will hand out gifts for their wedding party at the dinner. This isn't necessary, but with all of the hard work many of the people in the party have done--it's a great way to show your appreciation (as well as give them a final push though the last day). A rehearsal dinner is a casual time for the guests to get together and enjoy themselves. If there are any last minute details to be worked out, this is the time. Make sure that you relax and bask in the glow of your upcoming ceremony. The stress is almost over.

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