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50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 50th wedding anniversary has been labeled the "golden year" for a reason. Traditionally, the gift given to a couple who have been married for fifty years, is gold. There's a lot of history behind a couple that has been married for fifty years. A ton of laughter, tears, and memories.

Couples that have been married this long deserve the best. Every spouse should see that their significant other receives the best too. As a tradition, gold is the ultimate choice for this anniversary.

But what should you purchase? A ring, earrings, a pendant, bracelet? It can be a very difficult choice. Nevertheless, a very popular choice is a ring. If your spouse doesn't have a "mother's ring," a 50th anniversary provides an excellent time to receive one. The birthstones of all the children will be set into the ring. She'll absolutely cherish it. Anniversary rings make an excellent gift to give or exchange with your loved one. You can purchase a single ring, or a ring-set to commemorate your vows to one another. The circle, which is an infinite symbol, is a spectacular way to confirm "forever."

There are many different styles of anniversary rings to choose from. Some are plain gold, others are fancy with stones set into the ring. Shop around a bit before you commit to a specific ring style. The contemporary craze seems to be white-gold. Men and women alike have been seen sporting white-gold wedding bands for the last ten years. Sometimes the rings employ traditional yellow gold in their design as well. The combination can be very exquisite. Especially if it's simple and subtle. If the ring looks tie-dye it's completely over done. A ring should be detailed yet elegant. Consider that when shopping.

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. While it may be true that women love diamonds, there are a lot of gorgeous stones out there to choose from. Sapphire rings are very elegant, as are Emerald and Ruby. Onyx, as bold and dramatic as it is, just doesn't seem appropriate for an anniversary ring. An additional choice which is light and subtle is an Amethyst stone. Amethyst looks great with a combination of white-gold and small diamonds. Before choosing a stone for your spouse's ring, look through their personal jewelry when they're not around. What type of stones do they like? What type of gold? Most importantly, what's their ring size? Once you've compiled these answers, shopping should be a breeze.

But if rings aren't your fortified cup of tea, you may opt for another form of jewelry. What about a personalized charm? Did you know that they can actually take a picture and scan the image into the gold? Because the image is actually etched into the gold, you won't have to worry about the image fading, like you might with a locket. The image can be current, or it can be an older image. Many couples decide to go for a "remember when" type of image. The photograph displays them at a much younger stage. Although the idea is very modern, it has a beautiful presentation.

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