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Planning Children's Birthday Party Games

Planning Childrenís Birthday Party Games The best parties are built upon fun, age-appropriate and action-filled childrenís birthday party games. Games can include classics like relay races, musical chairs, or egg tosses for the brave or might revolve around favorite movies or cartoon characters. Games tend to be the highlight of childrenís birthday parties. Only second to party games in importance are childrenís birthday cakes. Cakes and party themes set the tone for which games will be best for birthday party success. How to Choose Party Games When planning party games, first consider the age of your guests. The limited attention span of 4 year olds will require several very short games where pre-teens might enjoy a much longer and detailed game such as role playing or a movie party. You only need to think of an activity and then give it a slight twist so that it will fit your theme. As examples, a pirate theme could involve games such as finding hidden treasure by following maps. A circus party could involve games such as face decorating, tumbling contests or ring tosses. Now letís take a closer look at what kinds of issues are involved in party planning especially when it comes to party games. Letís use a pool party as an example. Pool party games might include a pretend Olympics event but you need to consider both guests and weather. Can all the children swim? Will you have adequate adult supervision both for swimmers and non-swimmers? What if it rains on the day of the party? How much of the party can be easily moved indoors? While you might be focused on the perfect gifts or cake for the guest of honor, games are the time to show all of your guests a great time!

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