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Unique wedding cakes - make your wedding reception memorable

You don't need to settle for any traditional style wedding cakes. Be different. Unique wedding cakes can be a great way to wow your guests. Imagine all of your guests standing in line drooling over the wedding cake. You won't be able to tell if it's because they're so amazed by your unique cake or if they're just hungry. ;) Here are some unique wedding cakes for you to salivate over... A very unique wedding cake idea is, and this is a very seasonal cake....a wedding cake shaped like a Christmas tree. This wouldn't be that hard to pull off, really. Perhaps like a 7-tiered round cake, frosted green with garland and ornaments(all edible of course!) wrapped around it. Don't forget the angel or star on top, either! Here's another one of the great unique wedding cakes I came up with. What if your wedding cake was shaped like your dream house? You read that right, and no, i'm not going crazy either. You could have the house be a couple of tiers, have a swimming pool in back, a garden, a patio with the bride and groom dancing, the possibilities are endless! Well, I hope you've gotten some great ideas to use for a unique wedding cake. While some of these ideas might be a little over the top or far fetched, the point is to make you think beyond the normal local bakery store plain jane type of wedding cake.

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