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Wedding Venues For Your Ceremony and Reception

Finding wedding venues for your wedding is a part of your wedding planning. Usually you have two separate wedding venues for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Sometimes couples opt to choose only one venue location to hold their wedding. It really depends on your taste and budget. Wedding venues can take a variety of shapes, forms and locations. You can hold your wedding wherever you want and whenever you want - all you need to show is a bit of money and the deal is done. You can hold your wedding at a local hall, a hotel banquet room, a church, the beach, a park, the place you met - you can be as creative as you want. But in this brainstorming process you also need to be realistic about what your needs and wants are as well as your wedding budget. Can you afford the wedding venue you are thinking about? Also, is it easily accessible by and can it accommodate the number of guests you are considering to invite to your wedding? Your perfect wedding venue awaits you... after your brainstorming session, go out and visit the locations that you want to book as your wedding venue for either or both your wedding ceremony and reception. Consider the cost, the number of people the location seats, if it is air conditioned (if your wedding is in summer) and also the conditions for hire such as the length of time you can stay and how the cleaning up is arranged. After visiting a few locations make a shortlist of the wedding venues and list the advantages and disadvantages for holding your venue at the certain places. You can skip this part if you found a wedding venue that you were very happy with. Another point about planning for your wedding venue location is to delegate someone, either a family member or a close friend to manage the wedding venue location - the payment, the management of the location on the day of your wedding. The last thing you would want to do is to be putting out fires all over the place when the only thing that should be on your mind is your upcoming wedding on your special day. Hopefully, I have given you some starting points to look at when you are planning for your wedding venue locations for both your ceremony and reception. Remember to keep within your budget, to read the fine print of your wedding venue contract and finally to have fun!

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