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Journal your Way to the Altar and Beyond

Journal your Way to the Altar and Beyond By Nily Glaser Copyright: Nily Glaser 2004 Congratulations! you are engaged to be married. You are at the door steps of the most exciting time in your life. Enjoy it! Chronicle it! Put your journey in a journal! and include your thoughts and feelings. Or better yet, transform your journal into a Wedding Scrap Book. Create a family legacy to share the memories of your engagement, wedding and life together with your children and grandchildren. Keep a diary of actions taken, experiences and feelings as they occur or shortly thereafter. Put your ideas, dreams, goals desires and aspirations on paper. Write about family happening about activities you participated in, about your friends and your loved ones. How you feel and whatever is important to you at that moment, and by all means add pictures. Keep a little pad and a pen handy in your pocket, purse or bag at all times and write in it. This will assure that what you write is fresh and is not written from memory. Actually keeping a journal will help you prepare for your wedding and beyond. The action of putting your experiences, thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, desires and aspirations on paper will accomplish more than merely a record to look back to and share with the following generations. When you make your journal, your "best friend", it will help you reduce the stress that builds up as you prepare for your wedding. If you continue after your wedding, the mere act of journaling will reduce stress that comes with married life. Additionally your journal will help you set goals, get organized and focus on the task at hand. Your journal is a reflection of you! Make it very personal and very special! choose what you will write in, what you will write with, what pictures you will include and whether you'd like to add some quotes to reflect your personality. Look at as many options as are available to you and select the ones that are "you". Whether you opt for natural paper books and fancy pens, or prefer to write using your computer you must be comfortable with the tools you choose. If you opt for the computer, make sure you are comfortable with the set up and that you not only back it up, but print the pages. Writing your journal should be fun. Don't be afraid to express yourself in all aspects of your chronicles. You'll encounter days with more, days with less and days with no material to write about, and this is ok! Always remember that the journal is your most personal record. You are in charge! There are no have to's, no excuses, no judgments and no criticism. So, as you prepare for your wedding and your new life ahead, keep a journal, and place it for safe keeping. Eventually, your journal may become a treasured keepsake - a family heirloom! Think of how much fun it will be to review it with your loved one as you celebrate a significant anniversary or another special occasions, or as your child prepares to get married. If you want to store your Chronicles in a Wedding Time Capsule" Go to: http://www.a-weddingday.com/malldirectory/malldirectory1.html Happy journaling! ENJOY! Copyrights 2004 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser Please feel free to post this Article as is with no additions or deletions, in your newsletter, on your website, and forward it to your friends. If you post or otherwise publish this article, please ensure that the copyright as well as the author's entire bylines box remain intact and a working link to www.a-weddingday.com is active. As follows: founder of A-wedding Day, http://www.a-weddingday.com a very popular Wedding Resource and Information Center, and a shopping plaza for wedding gifts, supplies and bridal accessories. She is also the publisher of the free A-wedding Day newsletter. We would highly appreciate a courtesy copy of your publication and / or the URL and a website link. http://www.a-weddingday.com/val.html

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