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Choosing The Very Best Wedding Favors

One of the most important, but most easily overlooked, aspects of planning a great wedding is choosing the right wedding favors. The little gifts presented to your honored wedding guests should be a reflection of your own personal taste and style, as well as a compliment to your guests. Since your guests are likely to look upon the favors you choose as a cherished memento of a special day, it is important to take care when choosing them, and to choose items that the guests will appreciate. == Places To Find Ideas == There are many types of items that can be used as wedding favors, and the wedding planning guides and bridal magazines are chocked full of advice and ideas on how to make your guests feel special and welcomed. The internet as well is full of web sites, newsgroups and email lists which solicit and provide advice on how to choose the most perfect favors for your wedding day. == The Photo Pack Idea == One interesting idea is to give your guests a photo pack as a wedding favor. It has become standard for couples planning a wedding to provide each guest with a disposable camera, and there are even special one time use cameras decorated with wedding themes. Why not take this popular wedding favor one step further by pairing it with a cd which contains special photographs of the couple, and even a song or two from the wedding? These photo packs are growing in popularity, and they are a big hit with many guests. == Picture Frame Favors == In addition, picture frames make wonderful wedding favors, and they continue to be a real favorite with wedding planners and wedding guests alike. Picture frames can be purchased very inexpensively for the most part, and they can be decorated with dried flowers, lace, and other special touches, or even personalized with the name of each guest. == Gift Of Food Wedding Favors == And of course the gift of food is always welcome, at weddings and everywhere else. Some of the most popular wedding favors are of the edible variety, and gift baskets full of cookies, or champagne flutes filled with fine chocolates, are sure to please even the most discriminating wedding guest. No matter what type of favors you choose to honor your guests, it is important to start planning early. There is no shortage of things to do when planning a wedding and it is important to leave plenty of time for ordering and personalizing your wedding favors.

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