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Use these wedding cake ideas to help you select a beautiful cake

Are you to the point of selecting your wedding cake but have no idea what type of cake you want? Do you need some ideas so you can have a beautiful wedding cake? Great, read on for some great wedding cake ideas. As you may or may not know, wedding cakes can come in all shapes and sizes these days. Some artists that have crafted masterpieces in other fields have now started making wedding cakes exclusively just because of the freedom and creativity they have. If you're anything like me, you're in frantic mode trying to plan your wedding. Coming up with ideas for your cake just hasn't been at the top of your list. So, i've taken the time to do some thinking and come up with some wedding cake ideas for you to ponder. And the wedding cake ideas are.... One of the coolest wedding cakes i've ever seen was a cake that was multi-tiered, three or four high, and shaped in the form of present boxes. The cake was so cool because it even had the ribbons and bows wrapped around it. One of my personal ideas for a cake would be to have a giant heart with two wedding rings(edible!) locked together on top with the names of the bride and groom written in frosting. I think that would be very beautiful. I hope these couple of cake ideas will spark an image in your head as you plan your wedding. And remember, order your cake at least 6 months before your wedding date.

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